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Welcome. My name is Annette Caesar, RTT

For 15 years now, my practice of Thai Yoga Massage has blended together my passion for the healing arts, helping others, and my love of yoga.

What intrigues me about Thai Yoga Massage is how the recipient and myself participate equally in the session. Through awareness of your breathing, the ability to relax and tune into your body during a treatment, you can greatly effect the results!

I received my first certification through The Canadian School of Traditional Thai Therapy in Calgary. That awakened my love of Thai Massage and I subsequently trained with Lotus Palm (Montreal) and Spirit Winds (California).

Since then my travels have taken me, amongst other places, to Croatia, to attend the THAI Retreat and Conference, where therapists from all corners of the world met to practice together and learn from each other. In 2011 and 2014 I had the great fortune to study under renowned master Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme; at Sunshine Massage School; and with a number of other fine Thai practitioners in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I am a member of:

  • Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI)
  • Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)


What are the differences to Swedish Massage?

  • Philosophically, Thai Yoga Massage is based on the eastern concept of an energetic body and energy lines
  • Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, enabling the giver to use bodyweight and gravity rather than force
  • Thai Massage is based on a holistic approach, focusing not only on the whole body in every session, but also effecting the mind
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is worn, and no oils are used
  • Techniques used in Thai Yoga Massage include pressure, stretching, rocking, twisting
  • In addition to hands, the giver’s “tools” are her forearms, elbows, feet and knees
  • A variety of positions are used in a Thai Yoga Massage treatment: supine, prone, side laying and sitting position in order to stimulate the body from different angles
  • An integral aspect of Thai Yoga Massage is breath awareness, which greatly aids the body’s passive movements

“Thai Yoga Massage uses the whole person to treat the whole person”