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Annette, it was great to get Thai massage from you. As I mentioned it was my first time for Thai massage and I was overwhelmed with the difference with normal massage.
The massage gave me immediate relief from back pain and I continued to be in good health after too. Unlike normal massage.
 Abhijit K. – April 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with you last week.  We both felt
complete release of muscular tension in our neck and shoulders, accompanied
by an overall feeling of balancing within our bodies.
I felt a slight improvement to my back and hip as well.
We will certainly be in touch to book future sessions with you.
Elise B. – February 2019
Thanks so much Annette.  My back feels so much looser!
My son, David, will benefit tremendously I think.
Margot K. – January 2019
Thanks for following up. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and my body felt lighter and less constricted after. Almost a week after and my body is considerably less tense . I am doing the suggested stretches so I believe that is helping.


Curline L. – January 2019



Thank you for all of the wonderful weekly sessions you give to Marc. You have given him the gift of mobility and the joy of movement. He is enjoying all of his physical activities. His improved balance, strength and coordination have given him confidence. He loves trying new activities now!

Maureen B. – December 2018



I recently visited Annette for a traditional Thai Yoga Massage at her home studio. She was excellent, exactly what I needed.  She spent the right amount of time listening to me describe any areas of discomfort, asking questions and assessing my needs.  She is remarkably empathetic and intuitive, and her work has had an ongoing and positive effect on my health and well-being. Her pressure was perfect, she had a gentle firm touch and overall positive energy. Several sessions of deep tissue massage over many weeks were not as productive as one session with Annette.

Not only did Annette provide a great massage, but she also offered tips on how for managing my issues between sessions and preventing further recurrences, even going so far as to demonstrate specific exercises that I could do to strengthen problem areas. I appreciate her focus on healing, even if it means recommending something that may reduce how often I come to them.

I highly recommend Traditional Thai Massage with Annette.

Roshanne G. – April 2018



The massage was good. In the beginning I found it less hard than I am used to and therefore was assuming that it may not be as effective. With some reflection afterwards however, I have come to the conclusion that you worked everything that needed to be worked and got to a good result. I will certainly come back for more.

Mike T.  – November 2015


I LOVED the massage, I had no idea what to expect and it was a wonderful surprise and lovely experience. I have been telling my friends about it and I hope to come again for another session.

Dericka J. – February 2015


Having tried several types of massage therapy over the years, I plan on working with Annette well into the future. Highly skilled, she has helped me with my mobility, flexibility, and giving me some great advise for what I can do at home & in life to improve myself. I can’t recommend Annette enough!

Michael T. – June 2014


Annette is a gifted healer who finds space within the body and infuses it with light. Her intuitive responses reflect a deep understanding of the body, and nurturing of the spirit.

Brenda R., March 2014


The very first time I visited Annette for a Thai Yoga Massage I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased. Her technique was very controlled, methodical, and meticulous. Annette reached deep and slowly stretched out muscles I did not know I even had. I have travelled and lived all around the world and had all types of massages before, including Thai Yoga Massages from Thai Practitioners.

Annette’s massage was definitely one of the best and most effective I have ever received. Before I had the massage I made her aware, that I had an issue with my lumbar spine, and she was able to very successfully work around it without compromising the quality of the massage. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has never had a Thai Yoga Massage before, and even those who have. You will definitely will not regret it and your body with thank you. I will most

definitely be seeing her again when I return from my trip Laos and Thailand this time. Thank you very much Annette.

Arthur S. – March 2014


Thank you, thank you, thank you. My hip is soooooo much better!

June R. – February 2014


My back is not bothering me at all today, thanks for your help yesterday!

Kristie K. – August 2012